Here in Florida our intense heat, rough roads, and sandy conditions have earned us a “Schedule 2” maintenance status. This just means that our maintenance timetable shifts and special care is needed to maximize vehicle longevity. Here is a quick overview of the regular maintenance schedule:

  • Oil and filter – Every 6 months or 5,000 miles
  • Cabin Air filter – Every 30,000 miles or two years (Inspect frequently and clean between changes here in Florida)
  • Air Filter – Every 36 months or 30,000 miles (Could be more frequent if you drive in rougher conditions)
  • Spark Plugs:
    • Every 40,000 miles for 2.5L Turbo
    • Every 75,000 miles for non-turbo 2.5L

With every oil change at Sport Mazda, we provide a tire rotation and vehicle inspection. Your technician will inspect all of the critical components on your vehicle and recommend any additional services on a case-by-case basis.

In addition, with each inspection, you’ll receive a video overview that shows you exactly what the technician sees. From there, you decide what work gets done and what to save for next time.

For a more comprehensive maintenance schedule, visit Mazda’s Digital Owner’s Manual here.