Mazda Connected Services is a suite of premium connectivity features currently available in the Mazda3, Mazda CX-30, Mazda CX-5, and Mazda CX-9. This tool allows you to start your engine, lock and unlock doors, monitor fuel level, oil life, tire pressure, and more — all from the convenience of your phone!

For the Mazda models listed above, Connected Services is available on even the base model and is complimentary for three years.

It’s a simple concept, but the benefits are huge!

• You never have to wonder whether you locked your car doors again. With Connected Services, you’ll get an alert on your phone when your doors are left unlocked or ajar.

• You can now cool or heat your car while sitting in your office. Just start the engine a few minutes before you leave and slip into a comfortable vehicle for the ride home.

• Need to stop for gas along the way? Check your fuel level and plan your stops before you leave.

• Can’t find your car in a crowded parking lot? You can display your vehicle’s location on a map and even flash the hazards for a visual cue.

• You can even keep track of your oil life and schedule your service appointment directly from the app!

Your Mazda Expert should have helped you set up Connected Services when you purchased your vehicle, but we’ve included a video below with set up instructions, just in case.